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About KIC

Founded in 2005 to increase national wealth and contribute to the growth of Korea’s finance industry

Social Contribution

KIC carries out various social contribution programs to give back to the public,
fulfill its social responsiblities as a public institution and
help create a better world for the next generation.

In 2018, we engaged in systematic and effective volunteer work that was organized into four categories: Emergency Relief Support, Human Resource Development, Future Building and Talent Sharing. KIC’s Social Contribution Committee meets quarterly to approve plans that conform to KIC’s mission. We then carry out our volunteer activities on an ongoing basis to ensure they are effective.

  • Volunteering

    Supporting those in need, including low-income families, those with disabilities, elderly who live alone, patients with rare and incurable illnesses, foreign workers and multicultural families

  • Sharing

    Helping children overseas, supporting the charitable work of our overseas offices and financially supporting the students of low-income families and multi-cultural families in Korea

  • Job Creation

    Promoting mutual growth through purchasing the products of SMEs and helping create jobs by buying goods made by those with disabilities

Emergency Relief Support

Since 2012, KIC has partnered with the Korean Open Doctors Society every quarter to provide free medical care to foreign workers and multicultural families. We aim to help improve the health of low-income families and those with limited access to good medical care. We also volunteer every quarter with the Seongbuk Welfare Center for the Disabled. We upgrade residential facilities and supply special meals and daily necessities to help senior citizens living alone and individuals with severe disabilities. Every year, KIC also sponsors patients suffering from rare or incurable diseases, children afflicted with cancer and local welfare organizations. We strive to help, and offer hope, to those less privileged.
More specifically, during Chuseok, KIC invited about 2,500 elderly citizens to the Seoul Elderly Welfare Center for nutritious meals. We provided relief funds to residents of Yeongdeok County affected by typhoon damage, also offering comfort to victims and help with recovery. Later in the year, we partnered with Good Neighbors to deliver relief funds to those affected by an earthquake in Indonesia.

Human Resource Development

In 2018, KIC expanded its college scholarship program for students from foster care and with financial difficulties. We increased sponsorships of education expenses for children from multicultural households in the Seoul metropolitan area. We also expanded our support for a program that supplies books to island and mountain regions in Korea. Our aim was to encourage tomorrow’s talents, tomorrow’s leaders, to stay committed to their studies and follow their dreams despite difficult circumstances.

Future Building

As an overseas investor, KIC has expanded the scope of our global cooperation by partnering with Good Neighbors to sponsor underprivileged children in Asia, Africa and South America. We have also supported projects aimed at providing relief abroad, and our overseas offices have participated in local volunteer programs. KIC sponsors environmental and public welfare organizations as well. Our goal is to hand the next generation a better world.

Talent Sharing

KIC engages in talent-sharing activities to help the younger generation discover their career path. Every year, we hold a campus seminar to offer college students free career counseling and a financial education. KIC partnered with a career experience center in the Mapo-gu district of Seoul as well to teach teens about financial investing. The KIC staff also shares their investment knowhow through participating in external review & assessment committees, conference panels, seminars and lectures. We will continue to fulfill our social responsibilities as a public institution through expert and systematic volunteer work.