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About KIC

Founded in 2005 to increase national wealth and contribute to the growth of Korea’s finance industry

Social Contribution

KIC carries out various social contribution programs to give back to the public,
fulfill its social responsiblities as a public institution and
create a better world for the next generation.

Our keywords in this regard for 2017 were “volunteering,” “sharing” and “job creation.” We have implemented practical community service programs in the areas of emergency relief support, human resource development, future infrastruture building and talent sharing. KIC holds quarterly Social Contribution Committee meetings to plan and carry out volunteer programs that conform to KIC'S mission. KIC plans to continue its social contribution programs and fulfill its responsibilities as a public institution.

  • Volunteering

    Supporting those in need, including low-income families, those with disabilities, elderly who live alone, patients with rare and incurable illnesses, foreign workers and multicultural families

  • Sharing

    Helping children overseas, supporting the charitable work of our overseas offices and financially supporting the students of low-income families and multi-cultural families in Korea

  • Job Creation

    Promoting mutual growth through purchasing the products of SMEs and helping create jobs by buying goods made by those with disabilities

Emergency Relief Support

Together with the Korean Open Doctors Society, KIC offers medical services and support for foreigners working in Korea and multicultural families. About 3,600 people have benefited as of 2017, and KIC continues to help those with limited access to good medical care. KIC employees volunteer each quarter to work with the Seongbuk Welfare Center for the Disabled, to upgrade the living conditions of senior citizens living alone and those with severe disabilities.
We also take part in programs focused on medical subsidies for patients with rare and untreatable conditions and child cancer patients, lunch deliveries and visits to senior citizens. In particular, we also contributed relief funds to earthquake victims in Pohang last year.

Human Resource Development

As an overseas investor, KIC works with the Good Neighbors program to match our employees with children in need in Asia, Africa, South America and other regions. We provide scholarships for college students experiencing financial difficulty. We also sponsor children of multicultural families in the metropolitan area so they can remain devoted to their studies. These programs aim to nurture talented human resources who will lead the nation's future.

Future Infrastructure Building

KIC has sponsored educational and cultural activies related to filial piety to support the public. We also supported the Chaeum Art School at a center for the homeless in Seoul. We actively search for regions in need of assistance and work with our foreign offices to be of service.

Talent Sharing

KIC offers financial education and career counseling to college students every year through holding a campus seminar. We also participate on various deliberation and evaluation committees, to share our expertise and contribute to the public good. In particular, we cooperate with a cateer experience center for youths in Mapo to teach teens about financial investing, so that the next generation can discover their unique individual aptitude.