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Investing assets entrusted by the government, Bank of Korea and public funds in the global financial market

Investment Process

KIC의 투자 의사결정 프로세스는 철저한 리서치를 기반으로 장기적 관점에서의 성과 창출에 중점을 두고 있습니다.
  1. Sets investment goals and analyzing investment conditions for each sponsor institution Set long-term investment goals to preserve and increase the value of sovereign wealth
    Analyze the risk/return profiles and investment constraints for each sponsor
  2. Macro-economic and capital market analysis Conduct mid-and long-term macroeconomic research
    Analyze expected returns for each investment asset
  3. Strategic asset allocation Set optimal asset allocation rules to improve long-term returns
  4. Establish investment management plans Analyze and forecasting mid/short-term financial markets
    Establish mid-term/annual management plans, taking into account market forecasts and additional entrustments
  5. Implement investment strategies Preemptively analyze risks depending on financial market circumstances and reflecting them in the overall portfolio
    Establish and implement investment strategies within risk limits for each asset class and fund
  6. Monitor and analyze performance Analyze ex-post risks and performance factors for the entire portfolio and individual investments
    Correct setbacks and reflect improvements based on performance and process monitoring