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Seeking creative and passionate individuals to help us increase national wealth and lead the future of the finance industry

What We're Looking For

What We're Looking For

Key Attributes of KIC Employees

KIC seeks to nurture global financial experts who can contribute to growing the nation’s sovereign wealth and finance industry. Our goal is to ensure that all employees embody KIC’s five main attributes: professionalism, integrity, loyalty, accountability and respect.

Training Programs

KIC offers various training programs to equip employees with the skills they need to manage Korea’s sovereign wealth and support the nation’s finance industry.

Our domestic and overseas training programs cover subjects related to asset management, including asset allocation, investment management and risk management, and aim to nurture experts in these fields. We also offer courses customized by job, study groups and language courses. We encourage employees to obtain relevant certificates by subsidizing the process.

New entry-level employees receive lectures about the work of each team and participate in discussions as part of their on-the-job training. Through mentoring programs, they can search for roles that fit their interests and disposition.

KIC also selects interns who, under a mentor’s guidance, are taught the skills needed for their job and encouraged to acquire the competencies necessary to become global financial experts.

To nurture expertise in both the theoretical and practical aspects of finance, KIC plans to continue expanding our training programs, including an extended academic training program at home and abroad, and an overseas job training program.