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About KIC

Founded in 2005 to increase national wealth and contribute to the growth of Korea’s finance industry

Social Contribution

KIC carries out various social contribution programs to give back to the public,
fulfill its social responsiblities as a public institution and
help create a better world for the next generation.

We carry out a range of activities to give back to the community, fulfill our civic responsibility and help build a better future.

Since 2018, we have done volunteer work in four categories: emergency relief support, human resource development, future building and talent sharing. In 2021, we focused on helping underprivileged children be more self-sufficient and on caring for them and other individuals in Seoul’s Jung-gu district. KIC’s Social Contribution Committee met quarterly to plan activities that align with KIC’s mission and allow us to wholeheartedly serve.

  • Emergency Relief Support

    Helping vulnerable groups, including children in shelters/orphanages, low-income families, people with disabilities, seniors living alone, children with rare diseases or cancer and single-parent households, gain self-reliance and stability through donations, sponsorships, volunteer activities and disaster relief

  • Human Resource Development

    Giving hope to future generations by sponsoring college students from low-income households, providing tuition for children from multicultural or single-parent households and donating books to facilities in island and mountainous areas

  • Future Building

    Sponsoring overseas programs for children and relief/development, participating in local volunteer programs and sponsoring organizations and programs serving the public interest

  • Talent Sharing

    Contributing to the advancement of the domestic finance industry by sharing insights and expertise through external committees, events, etc.

Emergency Relief Support

In 2021, we worked to secure the economic independence of underprivileged children by funding an initiative called Didim Seed Account, helped youth planning to leave shelters acquire necessary certifications and expanded our financial assistance for single-parent households.

In our immediate community, we partnered with the Jung-gu district to deliver food to three welfare centers and supported community-driven campaigns. We also helped local welfare groups by supporting virtual education programs for those with disabilities, providing equipment including IT devices for those with visual impairments, carrying out facility repairs and giving winter provisions to the homeless.

We extended medical support for communities hit by Covid-19 as well. We partnered with the Korean Open Doctors Society to support soup kitchens for the homeless; provided food and medicine for low-income neighborhoods in Gyeonggi Province and facilities for single mothers; and visited the elderly during Chuseok with gifts of food and medicine. KIC also provided special holiday meals for low-income seniors at the Seoul Senior Welfare Center during Lunar New Year and Chuseok as well as seasonal meals, groceries and quarantine items to families with disabilities through quarterly sponsorships of the Seongbuk Welfare Center. In May and November, KIC staff took part in clothing drives for homeless individuals near Seoul Station.

Children and their holistic care are priorities at KIC. We offered medical expense support for children in child-protective services, pediatric cancer patients and children with rare diseases. We also covered psychological treatments for children aged out of the foster system and the family members of North Korean defectors.

Our staff has also joined international disaster relief missions every year. Employees across our offices have partnered with the Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association to deliver t-shirts of hope to climate-related child refugees. Staff members also joined the Miral Welfare Foundation’s Lighting Children campaign to deliver handmade solar-powered lanterns to children in countries of energy poverty.

Human Resource Development

As a key project for 2021, KIC expanded its support for human resource development, broadening educational opportunities for future generations. KIC offers scholarships to college students from orphanages and households experiencing financial difficulty through the Korea Student Aid Foundation (KOSAF). We also provide tuition for children from multicultural or singleparent households, donate books to children’s centers in island and mountainous areas and support programs that help children enjoy reading. KIC is dedicated to helping children and youth overcome challenges and pursue their dreams with confidence.

Future Building

As a sovereign wealth fund specializing in overseas investments, KIC has partnered with Good Neighbors to develop infrastructure internationally. We engage in community service initiatives including sponsoring underprivileged children and funding disaster relief programs throughout Asia, Africa and South America. Staff at our overseas offices support local fundraisers and volunteer events. In these ways, we work to build a foundation for international development cooperation. KIC also backs social welfare organizations and programs that aim to create a better world.

Talent Sharing

The KIC staff supports the development of the domestic finance industry by sharing insights and expertise on external review and assessment committees, on panels and in conferences and seminars.

We are committed to fulfilling our social responsibility as a public institution through systematic social contributions.