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About KIC

Founded in 2005 to increase national wealth and contribute to the growth of Korea’s finance industry

Social Contribution

KIC carries out charity and volunteer activities to build a brighter future for coming generations and fulfill its social responsibilities as a public institution.

KIC engages in social contribution activities as part of a commitment to creating a better world.

We carry out systematic and practical social contribution activities in the areas of emergency relief support, human resource development, future building and talent sharing. Since 2021, KIC has been assisting underprivileged children through care and self-reliance programs. In addition, the Social Contribution Committee meets every quarter to review plans for social contribution activities that are in line with KIC’s mission, ensuring KIC can fulfill its social responsibility as a public institution.

  • Supporting the Happiness of Future Generations
  • Supporting the Hopes of the Vulnerable
  • Supporting Global Social Contribution
  • Domestic Volunteer Service

Supporting the Happiness of Future Generations

KIC works to ensure the health and happiness of future generations. We help children and teens at shelters as well as young adults preparing to be economically independent get the qualifications they need. We also provide scholarship support for low-income college students, sponsor the Didim Seed Account sponsorship program, and provide books and reading programs for local children’s centers in mountainous areas. We also offer educational support for children and youth from multicultural families and single-parent families. We support children with rare diseases as well. We take care of the educational expenses for children with rare and incurable diseases and medical expenses for children with pediatric cancer and rare and incurable diseases as well as for children at medical institutions.

Supporting the Hopes of the Vulnerable

KIC fosters hope by supporting vulnerable populations and those in need of disaster relief. We provide vocational training and hold sporting events for people with disabilities, produce promotional videos to improve disability awareness, and promote the use of learning devices for students with disabilities. We also provide holiday meals and oil for heat during the winter as well as support humanities programs and psychotherapy for vulnerable groups. In the wake of unexpected disasters, including the wildfires in Gangwon Province or the earthquake in Turkey last year, we donated money to support recovery efforts and to help people regain a sense of normalcy.

Supporting Global Social Contribution

KIC supports relief and development projects in underdeveloped countries and sponsors children’s relief projects overseas. Our offices in the United States, London, and Singapore also carry out various volunteer activities and promote social contribution in their respective regions. Our goal is to help lay the foundation for global service-related cooperation. In particular, in 2023, KIC employees resumed their overseas medical volunteer work, which had been suspended due to Covid-19. We visited and provided medical services in the Danlun district of Siem Reap, Cambodia. And we held a program to support the economic independence of vulnerable groups in the Pwani Region of Tanzania, Africa.

Domestic Volunteer Service

KIC volunteers in Korea through regular and irregular programs. With the Korean Open Doctor’s Society, we regularly provide medical services to families in medically vulnerable areas and foreign workers. During holidays, we provide food and kimchi for those with disabilities and, through the Seoul Senior Welfare Center, special meals for seniors. Twice a year, we also provide homemade bread to vulnerable groups. KIC also offers financial training for youth in the Seoul area, donates goods to a homeless center at Seoul Station, and holds an annual Hope T-shirt campaign. In 2023, we launched the Ploking Volunteer Program to clean up litter and held activities to support the emotional wellbeing of children living in institutions. In recognition of our work, KIC last year received the National Assembly Member Award from the Jongno District in Seoul and the 2023 Minister of Health and Welfare Commendation for Contributions to Child Welfare for our support of the Didim Seed Account sponsorship program since 2019. We will continue to shine the light of hope for those in need.