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Seeking creative and passionate individuals to help us increase national wealth and lead the future of the finance industry

What We're Looking For

What We're Looking For

Key Attributes of KIC Employees

KIC seeks to nurture global financial experts who can contribute to growing the nation’s sovereign wealth and finance industry. Our goal is to ensure that all employees embody KIC’s five main attributes: professionalism, integrity, loyalty, accountability and respect.

Education and Seminar

KIC runs various practical training programs to help individuals become global financial specialists and thus helps grow Korea’s finance industry.

We carry out group training in Korea, mentoring programs and overseas training programs and provide assistance with obtaining and maintaining asset management certificates to nurture global financial specialists and to help individuals check, demonstrate and learn investment strategies, process inspection and advanced investment methods.

For new employees, KIC runs corporate and departmental lectures and discussion sessions to boost pride and a sense of belonging and to help the new employees better understand their responsibilities and field. After a 1-year job rotation training period, the new employees are given the opportunity to develop a career that fits their skills, performance and aptitude.

KIC also runs on and offline training programs, a youth internship program, a mentoring program and a summer internship program for students to offer people the opportunity to experience the finance industry and acquire skills required in the field. We also conduct Campus Seminars and a Mentoring Program to give career advice and help individuals looking for a career in finance better understand the field and global asset management.

KIC Training Roadmap
  1. K-Future Program

    • New hire onboarding
    • Introductory training, common programs, introductory professional programs
      • All training modules mandatory for fresh graduate hires
      • Training modules run as electives for new experienced hires
    • Mentoring and overseas onsite training for fresh graduate hires
  2. K-Milestone Program

    • KIC employees
    • Two-track common skills and professional skills program
    • Training programs split into elementary, advanced and professional levels
    • Local short-term programs & overseas scholarship programs
  3. K-Global Program

    • KIC expatriates and local hires
    • Cross-cultural training and capacity building
    • Local professionals participate in HQ-led overseas programs
    • Capacity-building programs offer the same content as the K-Milestone Program
  4. K-Leadership Program

    • Targets next-generation leaders, group heads and executives
    • Next-generation leaders undergo training to understand the function of group heads and grow as leaders
    • Supervisory training for group heads with <2 years of experience and those with 3+ years of experience
    • Custom coaching for KIC executives
- K-Happiness Program -
  • Support for self-directed learning / self-development support system / liberal arts curriculum
  • Offering a variety of training programs to help facilitate work-life balance