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Seeking creative and passionate individuals to help us increase national wealth and lead the future of the finance industry

What We're Looking For

What We're Looking For

Key Attributes of KIC Employees

KKIC seeks to nurture global finance experts who can contribute to growing Korea’s sovereign wealth and finance industry. Our goal is for all KIC employees to embody KIC’s five main attributes of professionalism, integrity, loyalty, accountability and respect (PILLAR).

Education & Training

KIC provides high-quality education in a systematic way to nurture professionals who can contribute to efficiently managing Korea's national assets and developing the finance industry, the purpose for which KIC was established. In particular, we support employees as they develop their competencies and careers in a way that fits the various cycles of their lives and job levels and helps them achieve work-life harmony.

Training for Every Stage of Life

KIC’s new education system supports employees as they pursue work-life harmony while developing their competencies and careers according to their respective life stage and job duty.

  1. K-Future Program

    • Training for New Hires
      • Education on core values, common competencies, job competencies and organizational culture
      • Must complete all levels of the course within the first two years of joining the company
      • Global Financial Market Boot Camp, an overseas job training course
    • Training for New Hires
      • Must complete onboarding training to understand KIC and adapt to the organization
      • Operation of an organizational adaptation system (Amigo)
  2. K-Milestone Program

    • KIC employees
    • Training for all employees ・ Common competency and job competency courses
    • Common competency courses dealing with general business skills are available year-round
    • Job competency courses consist of short-term domestic and overseas training, domestic academic training and overseas academic training
    • Participants for mid- to longterm and academic training are selected according to an internal selection process and operation plan for each program.
  3. K-Global Program

    • Resident employees and locally hired employees
    • Operation of a cultural understanding program at overseas offices (local employees can participate)
    • Locally hired employees must participate in a program at headquarters every 3 years
    • Capacity building courses are run the same way as the K-Milestone Program’s common and job competency training
    • Guidelines are provided by the department in charge of education and training at headquarters and implemented by each branch office
  4. K-Leadership Program

    • 3 levels: Next-generation leaders (level 4 or higher), department heads, executives
    • Training for next-generation leaders aims to help them understand the role of middle managers and grow as leaders
    • Group coaching available for department heads
    • Customized coaching available for executives
- K-Happiness Program -
  • Consists of a self-directed learning support system, personal development support system and humanities program
  • Provides a variety of educational courses for staff to achieve work-life harmony