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Seeking creative and passionate individuals to help us increase national wealth and lead the future of the finance industry

Open Positions

Recruiting Experienced Hires

Period : 2021-09-07 ~ 2021-09-23
Recruiting Experienced Hires

“We are a Sovereign Investor”
We strive to increase national wealth for future generations.
And we’re looking for talented individuals to work and grow with us.

As the sovereign wealth fund of Korea, KIC manages KRW 200 trillion in total assets. We’re based in Seoul and have offices in New York, London, Singapore and San Francisco.
We’ve got a talented staff across our investment, risk management and operations divisions. We’re looking now for passionate and exceptional individuals to join us as we strive to become a globally leading sovereign wealth fund.
This is a blind recruitment based on National Competency Standards.

1. Open Positions

Group Responsibility Eligibility Job description Open positions Title
Investment Strategy Responsible Investment - 2+ years experience in responsible investment, ESG analysis & stewardship activity or advisory - Conduct ESG strategy research, ESG data analysis, etc.
- Execute ESG strategy and investment
- Conduct research on & engage in tasks related to stewardship activities, such as proxy voting
- Manage & support ESG partnerships and policy
1 Senior Manager or Manager
Equity Investment Equity Investment - 2+ years experience in equity investment or research - Invest in global equities through conducting bottom-up analysis on stocks and sectors
- Conduct equity portfolio analysis and monitor portfolio risk
1 Senior Manager or Manager
Quantitative Investments Big Data Analysis - 2+ years experience in analyzing big data and machine learning
- Experience in quantitative portfolio management and risk management preferred
- Experience in programming language (R, Python, SQL, etc.) preferred
- Global equity portfolio management
- Investment idea generation and model construction via machine learning
- Establish extract, transform, load (ETL) process for structured/unstructured data
1 Senior Manager or Manager
Fixed Income Investments Global FX - 3+ years experience in global FX investing - Analyze global FX market
- Develop FX investing strategies
- Manage FX portfolio and generate positive P&L
1 Senior Manager
Private Equity Private Equity Investment Management - 1+ years experience in alternative investments or investment advisory (ex. experience in PE investment, IBD, research, FAS at accounting firms, consulting, etc.) - PE market research and strategy planning
- Deal review (including due diligence)
- Direct/indirect PE investment execution
- Investment monitoring
3 Senior Manager or Manager
Infrastructure Infrastructure Investment Management - 3+ years investment or advisory experience (including investment banking, equity research, FAS, strategic consulting, corporate finance) - Develop investment strategies
- Source and execute infrastructure investment opportunities (direct, indirect, co-investment)
- Manage and monitor investment portfolio and conduct asset management
2 Director or Senior Manager
- 1+ years experience in the financial/consulting industry - Conduct infrastructure market research
- Provide assistance with evaluation and execution of infrastructure investment opportunities (including due diligence)
- Provide support for monitoring and managing investment portfolio
1 Manager
Absolute Returns Absolute Return(hedge funds, private debt)Investment - 1+ years experience in investment or financial sector (hedge funds/private debt external asset manager selection, overseas equity/ fixed-income investment and fund placement) - Conduct hedge funds / private debt market research
- Establish investment plan for absolute returns portfolio (hedge funds, private debt)
- Conduct due diligence and investment review
- Conduct investment monitoring and exit
1 Manager
Risk Management Alternative Investment Risk Management - 3+ years experience in alternative investments or investment/transaction approval or,
- 3+ years experience in corporate/industry research
- Conduct due diligence, risk analysis and reporting on potential investments in alternative asset classes, including private equity, real estate and infrastructure
- Monitor alternative investment portfolio
1 Senior Manager or Manager
Investment Operations Investment Operations - 1+ years experience in investment operations - Transaction management and settlement support
- Corporate action management
- Portfolio valuation and accounting (net asset value calculation, etc.)
- Other roles related to investment operations
2 Senior Manager or Manager
Corporate Strategy Strategy Planning - 3+ years experience related to business strategy and strategic planning
- Consulting experience preferred
- Establish mid- to long-term strategies and check implementation
- Establish mid-term (three-year) and annual business plans and check performance
- Oversee institutional and organizational evaluation
- Discover new business and implement government-recommended policies, etc.
1 Senior Manager
Institutional Relations Institutional Relations - 7+ years experience as an advisor to a national assembly member or in institutional relations, etc. (including experience in legislation, with budgets or with policy-related cooperation) - Communicate and network with National Assembly members’ offices and National Assembly Secretariat
- Draft policy suggestions and documentation regarding major agenda and current issues
- Research and respond to related acts or subordinate statutes and system improvements
- Build and maintain a database related to National Assembly activities
1 Director
Knowledge Management HRD(Human Resource Development) - 1-5 years experience in developing and implementing HRD plans - Plan and implement training
- Maintain training system
2 Manager
IT IT Infrastructure Management - 1+ years experience in IT infrastructure management and operation
- Experience in finance-related network system management strongly preferred
- Implement IT system and manage IT-related contracts
- Maintain IT infrastructure(server, network, backup, computer room, etc.)
- Manage IT outsourcing
1 Manager
Development and Management of IT System - 2+ years experience in IT system development and management
- Experience in finance-related system development and management strongly preferred
- Analyze business process
- Develop and manage business IT system
- Manage and design DB related to business IT system
- Develop data interface
1 Senior Manager or Manager
Privacy & Information Security - 2+ years of relevant experience in privacy & information security - Establish plan and strategy for privacy & information security
- Manage privacy & information security system
- Analyze and measure privacy & information security vulnerability
1 Senior Manager or Manager
Audit Investment Audit - 4+ years experience in alternative investment management or investment advisory or
- 3+ years investment audit experience at an alternative investment management company or an institutional investor
- Alternative investment management & monitoring audit
- Alternative investment internal control review
- Overseas office audit
- Other work related to external auditor support & filling out requested material
1 Senior Manager
※ Please refer to the NCS-based Job Description Manual for details.
※ Applications for multiple positions will not be accepted.
※ Required years of work experience for the following titles: Director (9-12 years), Senior Manager (5-9 years), Manager (less than 5 years)
※ Years of experience, as of the date of this job posting (September 7, 2021)
※ Experience listed in one’s application will be registered in our system. Additional information submitted later will not.

2. Eligibility

  • Basics
    • Male Korean citizens must have completed their compulsory military service or have been exempt.
    • Korean citizens falling under Article 33.1 of the State Public Officials Act and KIC’s Employment Regulations (refer to KIC website) are not eligible to apply.
    • Fluency in English is required.
    • KIC does not discriminate based on age, gender or educational background.
    • Accepted applicants must be able to start working immediately.

3. Favorable consideration

  • The following Korean citizens will be given favorable consideration according to Korean law and KIC’s human resource policies.
    • Korean veterans and their bereaved families
    • Applicants with physical disabilities
    • Graduates of local colleges (outside the capital area)
    • ※ If more than one of the above circumstances apply, the more favorable will take precedence.
      ※ Korean veterans and their bereaved families are given favorable consideration in accordance with relevant laws. Applicants with physical disabilities
       and graduates of local colleges will be given extra points on their application review. (5% of total points)

      ※ Those eligible for favorable consideration must be able to provide verification.

4. Working Conditions

  • Permanent, full time (following an initial contract period of 2 years, continued employment is contingent upon performance evaluation, etc.)
  • ※ For investment positions (responsible investment, equity investment, big data analysis, global FX, private equity investment management,
      infrastructure investment management, hedge funds & private debt investment), employment type (permanent, fixed-term) may be negotiated.
  • Probationary period: 3 months
  • Compensation: Salary to be paid in accordance with the corporation’s Salary Regulations.
  • Location: Korea Investment Corporation headquarters (Seoul)
  • Hours: 8 hours a day, 5 days a week

5. Application Procedure and Schedule

Application period Application review period Interview 1 Interview 2 Notification of results
9.7 ~ 9.23 Late September Mid-October Early November Late November
※ Those who pass the first interview are subject to reference checks.
※ The recruiting schedule is subject to change. Applicants will be notified individually of changes.

  • How to apply:
    • Application form(submit through KIC's job application website)
        ※ Applications will not be accepted in person, by postal mail or by email.

  • Application period: 2021. 9. 7 – 2021. 9. 23, 17:00 (Korea Standard Time)

  • Application review
    • Applicants are evaluated based on job competency as demonstrated by their documents.
    • Applicants to proceed to next round: 4x the no. of positions (except in the absence of qualified applicants)
    • Those who pass will be notified individually.
    • All applicants with the same scores will be admitted to the next level.

  • Interview 1
    • Working-level interview focusing on job competency (English interview included)
    • Applicants to proceed to next round: 2x the no. of positions (except in the absence of qualified applicants)
    • Those who pass will be notified individually.
    • All applicants with the same scores will be admitted to the next level.

  • Interview 2
    • Executive-level interview focusing on job competency
    • For applicants with identical scores above the cutline, scores from their first interview will take precedence. For applicants among these with the same first-interview scores, their application review scores will take precedence.
    • Those who pass will be notified individually.

  • Required documents
    • Those who pass the second interview should submit the following documents, if applicable.
    • Required documents Career-related certification
      (proof of employment, etc)
      * Including records of disciplinary action
      Required documents
      (if applicable)
      Graduates of local colleges Copy of diploma
      * Applicants with a master’s degree should submit their
       undergraduate diploma.
      Military service Certificate of military service or resident registration
      (Male Korean citizens)
      Other Copies of awards or any certificates that may apply
      Verification of the following: (for favorable consideration)
      - Korean veterans and their bereaved families
      - Applicants with physical disabilities
    • Failure to submit required documents or the submission of false information may result in disqualification.

6. Other

  • This is a blind recruitment. Submitting information that could create a bias (name of school, family members, hometown, age, gender, name, etc.) may put you at a disadvantage.
  • Positions will not be filled in the absence of qualified applicants.
  • Should applicants decline an offer of employment, or should they be disqualified due to discrepancies or falsehoods found in their submitted documents, applicants with the next-highest rank will be considered.
  • Individuals found to have applied or been recruited in an illegal, inappropriate or dishonest manner will be eliminated from the recruitment process, have their offer of employment revoked or be terminated once employed.
  • The recruiting schedule is subject to change. Applicants will be notified individually of changes.
  • Technical difficulties may arise near the deadline due to a heavy volume of submissions; early submissions are encouraged.
  • Each applicant is responsible for providing accurate information and submitting all required documents.
  • Submitted documents will be returned at the applicant’s request, in accordance with the Act on Fairness of Recruitment Procedures.
    • Documents that may be returned: All documents submitted in person that support one’s qualifications
    • ※ Documents submitted through the homepage or via e-mail are excluded.
    • Period during which documents may be returned: Within 30 days of the 2nd candidate selection announcement
    • How to request a return: Fill in the “Request for submitted documents,” which is available upon a search online for the Enforcement Rule of the Act on Fairness of Recruitment Procedures. Submit the completed form to
    • How to receive your documents: Within 14 days of the receipt of your request, you may pick up the documents in person or have them sent to you via registered mail.
    • ※ Registered mail postage to be paid by KIC.
  • For detailed information, please refer to the FAQ section of the KIC website or contact the HR manager at (+82) 2-2179-1057/1123. For system-related inquiries, please contact the IT manager at (+82) 2-2179-1627

September 7, 2021

Korea Investment Corporation